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Month: January 2020

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I Am Gabriel

“Started about ten years ago. With the death of a baby. After that the enemy just rooted in. The whole town is cursed. Famine, drought, disease, poverty, failed businesses—barrenness.” To which the boy replies, “Hopelessness and faithlessness. So that’s it?” The old man replies, “Yep, Promise Texas.”

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Can You Walk On The Impossible to See God?

Are you having an on again off again relationship with Jesus? Since you are somewhat uncertain because you are overwrought by fear; instead of overtaking fear with faith? Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real—an apparition designed as a preventative measure.

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Different environments require different tactics when engaging the enemy. You must be able to discern the environment in order to be effective in battle. Your mind is one of the most dangerous battlefields on the earth.

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Can You See Anything In 2020?

When settling becomes your reality, you have just stepped on dangerous ground. Because in that place you will never know what God had for you. But in order to get anything from God you cannot settle for the ordinary. You must seek the extraordinary with faithful anticipation. This requires perseverance and a willingness to follow the Lord’s lead.

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Resolutions Bring Evolution

Are you lost in the shuffle? You know. That shuffle between walking in the flesh and walking in the spirit? This has everything to do with personal change and growth. Yet nothing to do with your intellect, ego or definition of entitlement. And in a gulf, somewhere between these two viewpoints; lies an undiscovered truth.