Helped my son today with his math,
Trying to lead him down that narrow path.

Quality time with him was spent;
When he’s grown and gone I’ll ponder where the time went…

The time when he needed me;
As he grows older I rarely get to see

Him in the course of a day;
Yet he still gives me a hug and a kiss then he’s on his merry way.

Not has hyper or sporadic as he once used to be;
For some odd reason he takes life more seriously.

Trying so hard to make better grades,
His foundation is now being laid

For home is not simply an address nor a place to relax;
It is a beginning for getting your little ones on the right track.

It is not a structure where you hide and close your bedroom door;
Home is a place where you try much harder to give them more…

Of the tools they’ll need to be in this life complete;
Sanctified wisdom to help them retreat…

Into the spiritual strength;
That helps them overcome the adversary at great length.

And the stamina to endure no matter how hard life’s road may appear;
For the Holy Scriptures teach us to have no fear.

And for that which is righteous always persist;
All that is wrong try diligently to resist.

Home is where true love is found indeed;
Home is where you plant the seed.

© c.f. leach, 1994. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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