“God always answers prayers. Sometimes we just don’t understand the answers.”

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A spin on Saul’s conversion in the Book of Acts, Let There Be Light is a movie about a world renown atheist, Dr. Saul Harkens (Kevin Sorbo). Who, after a debate about the love and compassion of God; tells the audience, “You don’t need a deity. All you need is humanity.”

A bitter and angry man who lost his son to cancer. “If God wanted to sacrifice his son that’s his business. But he should bloody well keep his hands off mine!” Divorced because, as he told his wife (Sam Sorbo), “I got tired of you praying for my soul.” He tries drowning his sorrows in alcohol, but it just isn’t working.

After leaving his book launch party plastered, Dr. Harkens has a car accident. During this incident he sees his son David. He hugs David and tells him he loves him. David then says, “It’s not your time you have to go back.” To which his father keeps over exemplifying, “No, I want to stay here with your!” David’s final words are “Let there be light.” Now in his hospital room, the doctor tells Saul it was a miracle after coming back from being clinically dead for four minutes.

He is telling everyone he saw his son. To which his manager exclaims, “Get your head out of the afterlife and back into this one!” There is no logical explanation he can grasp to define this phenomena. So at the advice of his ex-wife he seeks out her pastor for answers…

Can an atheist change his beliefs about God? You will have to watch the movie to find out. Hint: This is just one of the plots of the story.

We give this movie two thumbs up and five stars.

Release date: October 27, 2017 (USA)
DirectorKevin Sorbo
ProducersSam SorboDan GordonJames QuattrochiWarren Ostergard

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