A Heart With A View

Peering out my window nobody is there;
‘Cause there’s a silent enemy creeping everywhere.

Could be on a counter-top, in the air or on the handle of a grocery cart;
This thing is keeping everyone so far apart.

Yet at the same time this enemy is giving us a new vision,
Away with all the past nonsense that caused so much division…

A long division with no equal parts,
As we now in totality desire peace and unity in our hearts

How long this will last no one can predict;
While we all watch and wait as the hands on our clocks tick—-

Waiting with anticipation to once again be set free;
Thank God for Christ Jesus hanging on that tree…

Where He was humiliated, mocked and mistreated.
Where our common enemy was at last defeated;

So we could look out our windows and see a new hope,
Which will give us the spirits and strength to cope…

With no fear, uncertainty, but much prayer
For He too, right now, is everywhere.

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