It is time that our actions speak louder than our words.”

When driving into Golden Colorado there is a banner that says, “Welcome to the City of Golden”. But that welcome sign does not apply to everyone. Because there is something missing—neighbors.

Golden has all the cosmetics renovations, but inside is a melting pot of community issues about to boil over everywhere.

As Officer Knox said, “I just wish it was some way to renovate the people in this town.”

A police officer, Greg Knox (Scott Piper), a town drunk, Joe Devin (Jude Moran) a pastor, Ben Cooper (Heath Arthur) and a trailer park manager, Russ McKay. What do they all have in common? Trying to revitalize Golden Peaks trailer park, while battling Ira Northrop III (Billy Joe Patton), a wealthy and vindictive real estate broker.

There are three stories in the backdrop of this film that moves it in a positive direction. Officer Knox is trying to save Joe Devin from himself as he tries to constantly drown an unforgivable and unforgettable past in bottles of vodka. Which brings him closer to death than even he realizes. Ira Northrop III, the head of the Golden Trader Committee, wants to control an entire city with his prominence and money. He desires to build Golden’s future while burying the poor and needy with his shovel of deep hurt and pain. Unforgiveness has made him so crass and indifferent to those less fortunate that he refers to them as “this city’s cancer and public enemy number one.” Finally, Russ McKay, the trailer park manager, wants to do more but his hands are tied by bureaucratic red tape—no funding, no finances. How can you make something out of nothing unless you are a magician or really know who God is? In walks Pastor Cooper…

See how these three stories intertwine to bring about phenomenal changes through true love, redemption and forgiveness in unexpected ways. And how being the Golden Rule makes all the difference; when you’re simply a tool in God’s hands and not just a hearer of His word.

Originally released in 2016 the movie is 121 minutes and is rated PG. 2nd Greatest can be seen on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

Director: Nathan Blair
Writer: Nathan Blair
Stars:Heath ArthurJude MoranScott Piper.

We give 2nd Greatest

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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