‘”No for sale ranch no more! Can you believe we did it? Thank you girls for believing in me.”

A husband, father, pastor and friend was so happy to finally get the place of their dreams. But this happiness was to be short-lived when he was killed serving a second tour of duty.

Now behind in bills and facing foreclosure on that dream, Rebecca (Marisa Brown) sells the last memory her daughter, Grace, had gotten from her father. A speckled horse he named Faith. Grace (Grace Van Dien) no longer wants to attend church or see the pastor’s face. Because he reminds her of her dad’s funeral. “She still had her hope (speaking of her mother). When dad died I lost my faith.”

This is a very interesting film which includes reflections of Mike’s life throughout the movie. Sharing the memories that light the corners of their minds; giving the viewer a clearer insight as to who Mike (John Schneider) really was and the effect he had on those around him.

A mother, through her faith, expresses her desire that she and Grace stay strong and together in order to overcome their heart wrenching loss and other ongoing battles. In the midst of trying to get Grace on board, her daughter asks, “What’s the point in prayer if I don’t believe the words?” To which Rebecca replies, “You know your dad is still with us. He is always going to be here.”

All these pressures begin taking a toll on Rebecca who is starting to doubt if she has the strength to get through it all. She feels like God’s not hearing her prayers. Then Pastor Williams (T.C. Stallings) reminds her, that with hope and faith, she will be able to fight when she feels like quitting.

A keepsake for peace sake is given to Grace to honor Mike’s last request. And you will have to see the movie to find out what it is and how it all turns out.

The film was originally released this year, 2020. Is 81 min. long and rated G.

Director: Paco Aguilar.
Writer: Simon K. Parker (Writer).
Stars: John SchneiderGrace Van DienT.C. Stallings.

We give Riding Faith (aka Hope Ranch)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What I took away from this film was sometimes in life we just have to ride on faith to ride out life’s storms—in order to see God’s plan; even though we are clueless to the conclusion. Because He is truly the God of the faithful and He still works in mysterious ways. Never stop believing.

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