Being a fellow blogger, for well over one year now, I have become immersed in the Blogosphere and am trying to understand how it’s relatable parts work. Right now the “Likes” Department has me somewhat flabbergasted. And the “Comments” Department has become, in my opinion, an elusive necessity that pretty much gages how readers react to your posts. At this point, has one scratching their head in befuddlement; wondering if the posts I’ve written so far are having a positive influence, a negative influence or any influence at all.

Which brings me to the question: Are “Likes” some form of courtship? The reason I ask this question is because one of the many instructions on how to grow in blogging was to not only “Like” people’s posts, but to genuinely make “Comments” in the hopes of either gaining readers, engaging them in the thought process of the post. Or at the very least maintaining an ongoing dialogue with fellow bloggers to promote a more engrossing creative process. Which to me is comparable to The Dating Game. Being real upfront hoping you choose the right one for a lasting relationship as time progresses on.

Or perhaps “Likes” are more akin to an arm wrestling match–to see which losing opponent will concede to follow the other. The losing opponent being the one who is so overwrought with “Likes” and deprived of comments, they concede to follow their “Likes” authors in the hope of gaining “Comments”.

Is this what the crux of blogging boils down to? I sincerely need your take on this. What do you think “Likes” mean? We would really appreciate your time and consideration on this matter. Thanks in advance.

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  1. 😂 make sure you let us know if you figure it out!
    I don’t put a lot of stock in the likes I receive.
    I truly appreciate any and all comments— but like you said those can be tricky too.
    I am constantly having to remind myself why I started blogging to begin with and for me it was to “practice and learn to write” not to acquire likes, comments and followers. It’s hard to keep myself from being distracted with all the rest.
    I wish there were more options than just likes- sometimes I just want to say “I read your post but I don’t really like it” especially now that so many people are posting politics!


    • Thanks for your comment Beck. I guess you and I are in the same boat. But referencing your “I read your post but I don’t really like it” wouldnt that qualify as a comment? Like you I got into blogging to share my life experiences and help others through the word of God. Thanks for the advice I won’t take much stock in it either. Have a great week. Blessings and Peace.

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  2. It’s a strange old world, the world of Blogging. I left Facebook as the Likes, Loves etc etc were affecting what I posted. I began to write what I thought people wanted to read. However, with Blogging I write for the sheer love of writing. I do enjoy encouraging comments, from the likes of yourself Claudia thank you!, but I try to be very aware that I always stay true to what I wish to post.
    If no-one reads my posts that’s ok too. I just get a kick out of Blogging and find it quite a good platform for releasing my inner poetry self.


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