Some of us are so worried about being politically correct
We’ve begun to create God neglect…

Fearing to tell the truth we often compromise
In a world that is deceived by more and more lies…

Coming from every direction all at the same time
A fact that can cause you to all but lose your mind…

And walk straight off the sidewalk of life
Falling into nothing but more deceit and strife…

From which you fought so hard to stay away
But now find these things are trying to slay…

The heart of you believer
So please put down that phone receiver…

Shut out all of the noise and distractions
that set your mind in traction…

From the quiet and peace
where you get that release…

Granting the ability to get back on the righteous path
The place where you escape all needless wrath

To continue this journey towards your destiny
That now is in plain view for you to see…

As you sought to do what was right
Despite the battles of life’s strife…

You conquered those times in-between
While walking in the steps of the Serene…

Now you know the direction in which you’re going
At last you have found the Knowing.

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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