Traditional authors will tell you, on average, they publish 1 to 2 books every 3 to 5 years. This is probably due to the pressure placed on them by self-publishing authors, like me, who are willing to turn out more titles in a single year. Oddly, I wrote two books in one year. Yet my last book took me exactly five years to write.

But alas, my focus seems to have fallen down in the rabbit hole with Alice!

I’ve been starting my new book now for the last few months to no avail. I assure you, it is not writer’s block. It’s as if my passion has been sucked, into an unsuspecting vortex, from my very soul. It is passion and purpose that fuels the creative thought process. Without them you have no exemplary writing formula.

The foundation is laid. Outline done, chapters titled and an introduction already written. Perhaps discipline absconded into the Wilderness of Overthinking. When we overthink it kills our peace; which is one of the major ingredients we need to create. It is from this Wellspring of Peace that focus, passion, purpose and discipline flow.

Despite the scrambled thoughts in your head or the abstract looks on your face…

If you find your flow being blocked by the Dam of Empty Confusion. Don’t obsess over the problem. Attack it from a different perspective. Despite the scrambled thoughts in your head or the abstract looks on your face… Change your mindset to ultra determination. Determination is always key when digging oneself out of a non-productive ditch. Not only will this change obliterate that dam, but it will also return your characteristic flow back to a normal creative process. Thus giving you the courage and confidence to fight another day. Sometimes you have to press through to get to…

Now you can go back to pecking those darn keys, starting your book that was once lost in Writer’s Paradise; with the prospect of a finish line in view!

Thank you so much for your continued readership and support. May your cup overflow with creativity, peace, love and pure awesomeness! Until next week…Blessings and Peace!

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