Are you a writer who has used the if at first you don’t succeed rule to get your book published? You know, try, try, try again? If you have and you’ve only been met with rejection letter after rejection letter, your first impulse may be to scratch the entire idea. The decision to do so is entirely up to you. But if you sincerely believe you have a good book on your hands, you may want to consider transposing your book into an eBook as an alternative.

As revitalizing as it sounds for you to take your manuscript, transpose it into an eBook, and sell it; you may have concerns as to why you should do so, as well as how. The good news is that creating an eBook is much easier nowadays. In fact, the hardest part about creating an eBook is writing one. This step you should have already completed.

In order to understand the benefits of creating an eBook. First, one must realize the importance in knowing what they are. eBooks are defined as a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.. The materials or stories contained in eBooks are just like those in printed books. However, the format is completely different.

…the majority of readers choose to read eBooks from their computers…

As for the reader demographics of eBooks and the components used to read them; you will find it all depends. There are some small handheld machines that are used to read eBooks. These machines upload an eBook, often through a small cable that is connected through the computer. However popular this approach—many eBook reading machines are quite expensive. Therefore, the majority of readers choose to read eBooks from their computers or print them out. The vast majority of eBook readers are those who are computer savvy.

The primary benefit in transposing your manuscript into an eBook is the easiness of the process. For the most part, many first time authors are surprised at just how easy it is to create an eBook. Although there are a number of different formatting options, many choose the popular PDF format, as most computers already have free PDF reader programs installed. The advantage here is your buyers will be able to read your eBook right away.

Since all publishers require book manuscripts to be in printed or some computer format. There is a good possiblity your book is already saved on your computer or a flash drive. What you will want to do is use a program, like Adobe Acrobat Creator to create a PDF Online. Follow the directions and your book will automatically be transformed into a PDF file. As for creating an eBook, this is really the only step that you need to take or you could use some more advance software that will allow you to create your eBook from scratch. Such as—Flipping Book, which allows you to create interactive eBooks, designrr that allows you to create stunning eBooks in 2 minutes without having to be a design genius, or lulu which allows you to create an EPUB or PDF ebook for free and publish it—just to name a few.

Creating an eBook is relatively simple—selling it is quite another story.

Creating an eBook is relatively simple—selling it is quite another story. However, the good news is you do have a couple of different options. One options is selling your eBook on a third party website. These are websites where a vast collection of eBooks are listed for sale and written by various authors. The con to this approach is that most third party websites take a small percentage of each sale or charge a monthly fee.

The most cost effective way of selling your eBook is in the option of creating your own website. This would involve creating a webpage that contains detailed information about your eBook—title, your storyline or what readers will learn if your eBook is a how to book. Most webhosts have some pretty simple website templates that are easy to setup that would suit your needs explicitly. These web templates also come with ways of accepting payments such as PayPal or shopping cart plugins. This way you can not only accept payments from PayPal members, but also major credit cardholders. In your optimism please remember you will need a marketing strategy in order for Internet users to find your website.

If you are unable to get your eBook published by a well-known publisher; transforming your manuscript into an eBook online is a great alternative to either print or self-publishing. Either way, it is well worth the examination.

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