With all of the hustle and bustle as parents are preparing for their children to go back to school, we say “Welcome August!” Can you believe we’re only four months away from this year coming to a close? Anywho get your schedulers ready for these 612 celebrations the month of August seems to possess besides this sweltering heat. It’s so hot here in Florida even the ducks are under trees finding shade trying to stay cool! Everybody’s either at the beach in the water, enjoying their own splash down in private pools, or like me just staying indoors with the air conditioning and plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated until further notice.

Honestly, you’ll have to pick your battles this month because there is no way you can make it to all of these celebrations. To get the complete list you will have to check out our August Calendar for further information. Out of these 612 celebrations, 28 are celebrations for the entire month but we won’t list them all…We have American Adventures Month, American Artist Appreciation Month, Back to School Month, Black Business Month, Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Family Fun Month, MedicAlert Awareness Month, National Golf Month, National Civility Month, National Immunization Awareness Month, and Summer Sun Safety Month.

Being blessed to have survived leukemia National Minority Donor Awareness Day is at the top of my list for August 2. More people need to get involved and put their names on that Bone Marrow Registry by visiting different websites and blogs. Speaking of blogs—we bloggers have our own Blogger Day on August 5 and Vlogging Day on August 10. While we’re involved in all this blogging and vlogging let us keep Internet Self-Care Day in mind on August 21. For those of us who are trying to taper the Internet and focus more on family ties, there is National Son and Daughter Day on August 11 and Women’s and Family Day on August 13,

On a more serious note let us not forget Purple Heart Day on August 7 and National Airborne Day on August 16. Purple Heart Day is a time for all Americans to reflect and honor those patriots who courageously lost their lives or were wounded while serving this country. And chosen by former President George W. Bush in 2002. National Airborne Day is dedicated to recognizing the past, present, and future contributions of American airborne troops in all campaigns and peacekeeping missions. Let us not forget the National Day of Repentance—observed on August 26 every year in Papua New Guinea. This public holiday is celebrated through prayer ceremonies across the country. National Repentance Day is meant to be a day of Christian prayer because Papua New Guinea is a predominantly Christian nation. With all that’s happening around the world, we could all stand to celebrate this day!

If this is your birth month know that you are sharing it with the likes of everybody from former President Barack Obama (August 4) to Mae West (August 17). There are so many famous people celebrated this month you just might find their birthday on yours!

A little August Trivia. Did you know that August was named to honor the first Roman emperor (and grandnephew of Julius Caesar), Augustus Caesar (63 B.C..–A.D. 14)?

May God turn your cant’s into can’s, your confusion to clarity, your burdens into blessings, and your stress into peace. May He bless you with joy, love, happiness, and prosperity, and may He provide a shield of protection over you and your family not just for this month but always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Happy New Month!

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