For those of us who are true believers, our hearts yearn to follow in Christ’s footsteps. I have even said that I would like to go to the Holy Land and walked where he walked—thinking in my heart that it may bless me in some way to be more like him. But to be more like Christ we would have to follow him daily and deny ourselves. Thus living for Him and not ourselves. And in doing so we shall be saved. Isn’t being like Him the reason we go to church? Study the word of God? Pray and Fast?

Father of All:
I long to live a life that is worthy to bear your cross. Lord Jesus, I can never suffer as you did, but I desire to give my life to you and follow you for the rest of my mortal days. Please forgive me for my selfish thoughts and actions, and aid me in my quest to rid them entirely from my mind so that I can put on the mind of Christ. You have shown me the way. You are the truth and the life. Thanks be to God, amen.


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