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Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

From that point on Amb begins turning all of her negatives into positives. Even puts a seat-belt on a saddle. And remembers an anthem her physical therapist told her. “No matter what life gives you, give more back.”

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From the onset it is evident David is different when Jamie says to him, “I spent my entire life serving God and where did it get me?” To which David replied, “But do you know him?”

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A pregnant wife—an angry and bitter son are in the thralls of grief, confusion and pain. Due to the sudden death of Steve, the husband and father of this once close knit family. Now it all seems to be falling apart.

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Now living in a motel of misfits with his fiancee’ Jessie (Nicole Anderson). He is working as a bartender in a night club called the Inferno where he is starting to learn from the school of hard knocks; all that looks good is not always for your good.