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Category: Poetry Corner

Inspirational Poems

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Free Me

Free me from the mouth of my mindThe voice talking negative to me all of the time Free me from these prison wallsThat make me feel so trapped, so insignificant […]

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We Thought

The foundation we thought we were standing on has crumbled beneath our feet,It was nothing more than sinking sand not foundational concrete.just as we assumed the course of events in […]

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Where does Destiny lie?In the mountains, trees or sky? Is it plain view?Or in the rivers, brooks or morning dew? Is it in the clouds, the earth; under a rock?Or […]

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Mystic Eye

Clouds of thoughts flooding my brain;Ideas cultivate those thoughts as the pouring rain… Of Spring blossoming fresh and anew.My computer keys have a different point of view… Seen through the […]