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Category: Poetry Corner

Inspirational Poems

Poetry Corner 0

When In Doubt

“The harder I try the worse it gets.”
“There’s too much time gone and so many regrets.”

Poetry Corner 2

Free Me

Free me from the mouth of my mindThe voice talking negatively to me all of the time Free me from these prison wallsThat makes me feel so trapped, so insignificant, […]

Poetry Corner 4


I believe therefore I seeWhat Jesus means to me I believe and now I’ve heard His precious Holy word I believe and somehow knowHis word has cleansed my wretched soul […]

Poetry Corner 2

Pure Song

Thunder and lightning’s symphonyRain playing a lullaby on the roof…Closing eyes to a soulful slumberPeace on every side. © c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.