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All Things Begin And End With God

As I’ve often shared with our readers my desk is filled with post-its, stickies, and pieces of paper all over the place. It’s much like a library of thoughts and […]

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How Does Our Faith Move God?

He is not a professed Christian, he does not attend synagogue, is not in the church congregation every Sunday, and he is not a participant in the religious productions around town.  No, he simply loved his servant as a son

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How To Be A Gatekeeper

Part 1 According to the Old Testament, a gatekeeper was a Levite. Gatekeepers were also watchmen on the walls. They were ministering priests from the tribe of Levi. Gatekeepers were trusted officials and high priests in […]

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More Than Enough

The other morning I was making breakfast in my idea laboratory—my good old kitchen. I had already purposed the breakfast menu: pancakes, scrambled egg whites, and beef sausage. We usually […]