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Tag: #Faith Films

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Discarded Things

When tragedy disrupts the life of esteemed music professor Grace Wyatt, she is ejected from her lavish academic world into the harsh reality of teaching in an unfamiliar world with familiar problems.

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Faith’s Song

“When you’ve lost everything will you still walk by faith?” Synopsis: A young girl’s faith is tested when her parents are suddenly killed in a car accident and she’s forced […]

Movie Reviews 2

2 Hearts

“There’s only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle.” Synopsis: In parallel love stories, the […]

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Heaven Sent

“I’ve been angry for so long I forgot what it’s like to believe in miracles.” Synopsis: A mischievous 8-year-old runaway takes it upon herself to repair the once intimate marriage […]

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Rock My Heart

“If your horse says no, you didn’t ask the right question.” Synopsis: After a death defiant teenager with a heart defect bonds with an unruly stallion, she trains to compete […]

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I Am Gabriel (Revisited)

“Started about ten years ago. With the death of a baby. After that the enemy just rooted in. The whole town is cursed. Famine, drought, disease, poverty, failed businesses—barrenness.” To which the boy replies, “Hopelessness and faithlessness. So that’s it?” The old man replies, “Yep, Promise Texas.”