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Tag: #Inspirational Poetry

Poetry Corner 7

To Do List From God

Guest Poet Joanne Fuchs I ran my life in search of worldly things;My time and will were firmly in control.I thought I had no need for what God brings;I gave […]

Poetry Corner 0


Guest Poet Joanna Fuchs Forgive someone. Today forgive.Turn from bitter to positive.End frustration, anger, pain;Wash the anguish from your brain. No need to reconcile or tell;Just feel better and get […]

Poetry Corner 3

A Mother’s Love

There’s no love like a Mother’s,Her heart is filled with care.With Christ as her example,Her Savior’s love she’ll share. A mother’s love is endless,Not changing for all time.When needed by […]

Poetry Corner 0

We Need You, Lord

Guest post by Joanna Fuchs Christian inspirational poetry often talks about what Christian living is about. This Christian poem about Christians idealizes the Christian life, one that is impossible for […]