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Tag: #Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner 2

Free Me

Free me from the mouth of my mindThe voice talking negatively to me all of the time Free me from these prison wallsThat makes me feel so trapped, so insignificant, […]

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Guest Poet Joanna Fuchs Forgive someone. Today forgive.Turn from bitter to positive.End frustration, anger, pain;Wash the anguish from your brain. No need to reconcile or tell;Just feel better and get […]

Poetry Corner 3

A Mother’s Love

There’s no love like a Mother’s,Her heart is filled with care.With Christ as her example,Her Savior’s love she’ll share. A mother’s love is endless,Not changing for all time.When needed by […]

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Breath Guest Poet M.S. Lowndes Lord,Breathe life into me—Reviving, restoring and refreshing.Bring newness to my soulAnd change me.Bring life to what has witheredAnd restore what has been forgotten. Breathe, Lord, breatheLet […]

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Yes Lord

Since this is such a lengthy poem I have loaded the audio version for your listening pleasure. Author Unknown This morning I asked, “How much more can I take;What else […]