There is a blessing in everything if you look?

Renee (Marcella Laasch), a neglectful mother, is shot to death in a bar parking lot—while talking to her daughter on the phone. After the funeral, everyone is trying to decide what to do with her daughter, Dawn (Emily Kimball), a high school senior. When this dysfunctional family finally finishes passing the buck; she reluctantly moves in with her aunt Jamie (Katie O’Grady) and her uncle, Willem (Jason Glick) who are pastors. Their “successful” church may have a lot of members, but the only spirit present is Casper.

The living arrangement is going good until her uncle comes into her bedroom on the pretense of giving her a cellphone. He comes on to her with kissing and caressing. She then orders him out of her room. When she tells her aunt Jamie what happened…Well most of us know the story from here. Dawn then runs away. But there is a twist. While mulling this over in her mind, Jamie discovers pornography on her husband’s laptop. When she shares this information with her best friend, she finds out her best friend and Willem have been going together for quite some time and are in love. To which Jamie replies, “I’ve got to find Dawn!”

After confronting Willem, who not only admits to the affair but also the fact he hadn’t believed in God for a long time. Further threatens to retaliate against her if she tries to bring the subject to light. Jamie now leaves all she knows in search of a niece she feels is in imminent danger.

Meanwhile, Dawn visits her alienated father, who apologizes for not coming to the funeral. After dancing around the subject of Dawn’s living arrangements, he immediately lets her know there is no room at the inn. She winds up sleeping on the street meeting a pimp named Basti; (Adam Elliot Davis) who bathes her with compliments and throws her into prostitution and pills.

The clouds of darkness begin to roll away when Jamie goes to a shelter in search of Dawn. There she meets a street minister by the name of David (Marc Steele). Who is also recovering from a past of broken relationships and addiction. From the onset, it is evident David is different when Jamie says to him, “I spent my entire life serving God and I got nothing!” To which David replied, “But do you know him?” Not only were Jamie and Dawn reunited but they were also transformed by the grace of God. The blessing: One finding God and the other realizing she needed to know the God she’d always served. David was even able to mend fences with his estranged son.

Originally released in 2016 Undeserved is 107 min, rated PG-13, and can be seen on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

We give Undeserved

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Director: Marc Steele
Writer: Marc Steele
Starring: Emily KimballKaite O’GradyMarc SteeleJana Lee HamblinAdam Elliott DavisRachel MeyerJason Glick.

This movie addresses what happens when lives go in the wrong direction on pretense with no communication. It also shows what can happen when a family is disconnected. It is good to see a film that shows the other side through such a transparent and realistic eye. And teaches us what real ministry is all about. There are a lot of life lessons learned. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.

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