From heaven, three angels send a newborn baby a miracle—the gift of song. With this gift came three rules. Never lie, always be fair, and never break a promise. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. (Luke 12:48)

Fast forward to a young lady with a big voice who has become fed up with her hometown of Cloverton, Kentucky. Reminded by her Aunt Ella (Jackie Welch) of those three precious rules, Bobbie Thomas (Katrina Elam) takes off for Nashville with hopes of becoming a famous Country Western singer.

On her road to fame and fortune she opens for George Strait and becomes known as the Country Girl With A Gift. Bobbie selects a cowboy named Dale (Travis Fimmel) to help make her first music video. Remembering her from the old days, he becomes her protector; which she really likes. This new found fame also reunites Bobbie with her estranged father. Something she wanted since she was a little girl.

However, on the road to success, Bobbie breaks all three rules and loses her voice. Upon losing her voice, the doctor discovers she had a defective larynx since birth. and doesn’t understand how she was able to miraculously sing in the first place.

Now suffering from the loss of her voice, and heartbroken; she goes back home to her aunt. And tells her she lost her voice and was told she’d never be able to sing again. To which her aunt replies, “It takes a strong person to carry a gift that big. You have to be strong enough to follow the rules.”

While searching for Dale, Bobbie discovers he helps autistic children on his farm. The farm is in financial trouble. This causes him to go bull riding in the rodeo. So he can make money, but he gets banged up a little. To help save the farm Bobbie puts together a benefit concert. In rectifying some mistakes she made along the way; not only is the farm saved but she also saves something else. You will have to see the movie to discover what the something else is!

This movie teaches compromising what is right to get ahead just isn’t the way to go. But redemption sure is a blessing.

Directed by Christopher Cain
Produced by Scott Duthie, Christopher Cain, Hunt Lowry and
George Armitage
Written by Dean Cain, Christopher Cain and George Armitage

We give this movie 4.5 stars.

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