Written by John Eckhardt, PRAYERS THAT ROUT DEMONS combines prayer and confession of the Word of God to bring breakthrough against any demonic opposition.

Prayer and confession of the Word are two of the most powerful weapons believers have. You will see a great release of God’s power when these two are combined. As Eckhardt explains, “This is why prayer and the Word must be combined. Daniel was able to pray effectively because he knew the Word of God concerning His people. (Daniel 9:2-3) God’s Word released through our tongue will cause His power to manifest in our lives. Words are used to convey our thoughts. The words of God are the thoughts of God.”

In Section One he prepares you for Spiritual Warfare. “We experience greater confidence when we understand the Word and walk in revelation. Prayer plugs us into the power source. Prayer connects us to God and allows His power to flow to us in any situation.” He further confers that in order to walk and war in God’s strength we cannot open the door to destruction by having a spirit of pride.

There are so many different prayers for every situation imaginable: Confronting the Enemy’s Tactics, Destroying the Enemy’s Forces, and finally, Experiencing Deliverance and Release. This book contains some powerful prayers. There is even a prayer for breaking the power of Schizophrenia and Double-mindedness.

If you are looking to fortify and exact your prayer life, this is one book you must add to your library. Composed of 108 pages, PRAYERS THAT ROUT DEMONS is worth the time and effort to read. You will walk away with more proficiency as a prayer warrior and more confidence in God and His Word. Knowing that when you pray, you’re not praying amiss. (James 4:3) And God’s Word will accomplish what He has set for it to do. (Isaiah 55:11)

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