In honor of Mother’s Day and in memory of my grandmother, Mrs. Edna R. Washington and grandmothers all over the world we dedicate this poem. For those of you who are blessed to still have your grandmother with you, please do not fail to let her know she is loved. It is so important. Time is marching on and in light of the world’s circumstances, none of us know what will be from one day to the next. Send her flowers while she is still with you. Skype, call, send a card or an email. Just let her know.


by c.f. leach

Grandmothers are a kaleidoscope, the sum of all good things;
Your wonderful childhood memories come from all the joy she brings.

Picnics in the park, a walk at the zoo;
All that she’s done. So loving kind and true.

Always reminding you of what is right and wrong;
Teaching you in life you must endure and be strong.

Worrying and praying as you begin to grow;
Setting a shining example just for you to know.

Wiping away the tears when you’re afraid and in doubt;
And constantly reminding you that “God will work it out.”

Someone you always miss and are always glad to see;
Without grandmothers in this world I wonder how life would truly be?

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