This sequel to Heavens to Betsy is a delightful faith-based comedy with a poignant message about honoring God, no matter the cost.

Betsy Simon (Karen Lesiewicz), the main character, has returned back to the life she was supposed to live and finally finishes her new book, Heavens to Betsy; which is an account of her visit to the alternate reality she lived for a short time.

However, this time, in real life, an agent (Ruth Kaufman) who calls Betsy in really wants to publish her book and not take her money. After the last bad experience in her ‘alternate reality’, she decides to get Wishes’, her cat, opinion if she should go with this agent. To which Wishes meows in agreement and Betsy says, “You better be right.” She signs with this agent; who tells her “I’m willing to do this if you are. If you will trust me.” Betsy then agrees.

Not only is her book moving up in the literary world, but she and Wishes move into a new apartment. “We did it Wishes! God is still answering my prayers.”

Everything is going great until her agent tells her to stay away from the religious aspect of the book and focus on the mainstream group. This leaves a bad taste in Betsy’s mouth. Should she place God on the back burner to gain her success?

She asks Pastor John (Jim O’Heir from TV’s “Parks and Recreation”), “…hypothetically, would it be okay for someone to keep their faith low-key for the sake of success?” Then confesses she felt like Peter in the fact she denied her Christianity three times.

After accepting an invitation to an interview, Betsy admits the book is not a work of fiction, but everything in the book really happened. This confession, upon a promise “to tell the truth” has opened Betsy up to all sorts of attacks not just from non-believers, but church folks too.

With Tandem Dackery (Gary Gow) hot on her trail—you will have to see the movie to find out how Betsy’s standing for the truth finally ends. Sometimes a matter of faith does become a matter of fact.

Originally released in 2019 this movie is 111 minutes. Stars Karen LesiewiczJim O’Heir and Steve Parks reprise their roles from the first film, while Gary GowMichaele NicoleFrancine Locke and Becca Morello are debuting in this sequel.

Director: Robert Alaniz

Rhemalogy gives Heavens to Betsy 2

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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