I’ve been seriously blogging now for about seven months, but a writer for over seven years. Which doesn’t lend much credence to my level of expertise when it comes to this profession. However, on my resume you will find my occupation to be Writer/Blogger. It has always been my mind set to speak those things that be not as though they are. In other words, prophesy into your own life. Meanwhile, here are a few tidbits I’ve managed to grasp that you may find helpful.

The first question to which you should give serious consideration: “Do I really want to be a blogger?” Now if you have mulled over the matter, after some extensive research, and found a resounding “yes” beneath all the questions; then by all means continue reading this post. But if not—stop right here. Because to be a good and successful blogger takes tenacity, dedication and hard work. It’s not an easy breezy walk along the beach, unless you’re just blogging for fun.

What is my purpose for doing this?

From these few months of experience, I can honestly say there are thousands of websites telling you how to start a blog, how to get paid with a blog, renovate your blog, get more organic traffic to your blog, gain more followers; etc. But to coin Nike’s phrase “Just Do It!” However, you must have a plan or a goal in place before you do. Because if you fail to plan you will surely fail to blog. So your second question should be what is my purpose for doing this? Do you have great recipes you want to share? Life experiences to help others? Or are you an information hub? You need to make some serious notes. You know the pros and cons theory?

When I started blogging it was because in my heart I felt I had something to say that could genuinely help others. My Home page and Author page will attest to that.

I’ve had many traumas and dramas in my life… As my mother put it, “There is no way I could have gone through that!” Because God was gracious enough to bring me through those episodes of my life; I want to give back and let others know He can do the same for them. At the foot of the cross the ground is level, and no one stands higher than the other.

“Can I be consistent?”

Not only is this my purpose, but it is also the motivation that keeps me pounding these darn keys even when my days are not the brightest and my nights are not the best. Which brings me to your third question. “Can I be consistent?” First starting out you are happy because it is a new experience and you’re learning many new things. Kind of like getting the job you always wanted. However, after a time when things don’t go the way you expected; you either fight your way through the disappointments or pack up your toys and go home. In the immortal words of Napoleon Hill, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

The paradox in blogging is what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. And with so many blogs out there no matter how well you excel, you’ve got to keep at it as if your life depends on it. Because to a degree, whatever your purpose or goal, it does. It’s easy to start a blog, but hard to keep it going. If you don’t like writing content, or have an imagination you will not be a successful blogger. It takes time, a creative mind with dedication and diligence to find the right combinations and designs for your blog ; not just to survive, but actually thrive.

There are no shortcuts…

The results you are looking for may not come overnight. This is a long-term commitment. Not a short-term fix to gain fame and fortune. If that’s your reasoning you have already put your worst foot forward. In my short stint I have observed the bloggers who gain success and notoriety are those who have put in the blood, sweat and tears. There are no shortcuts no matter how many you read about on the Internet. So spend your money wisely. I started on a shoe-string budget and am still working with one.

Finally, if you manage to survive your Iron Blog Triathlon and are still standing after all the keys are silent. And like the scarecrow you are now thinking, “If I only had a brain.” Then my final advise to you is please do not worry about the number of followers. If you feed them the right words they will come. Welcome to the blogosphere.

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