Written by Ray Pritchard, An Anchor for the Soul answers some of the profound questions many of us ask today. Everything from knowing the God who made us to risking your eternity on Jesus Christ.

This book is specifically written for those who honestly want to know who God is and who we are. All of us have honest doubts and queries about God for which we need concrete answers. How do we explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way anyone can understand?

In the introduction Pritchard writes, “Perhaps you’ve been turned off by organized religion or by certain Christians whose words or deeds don’t seem to match up with what they claim to believe. While I freely admit that Christians sometimes can be the worst advertisement for their faith. I hope you’ll set aside your preconceptions as you read this book.”

Whether you are a believer, doubter, skeptic or seeker; this book is written in such simplicity even a child could understand the contents. He applies personal experiences and scriptural references in this text. And at the same time challenges the reader with the Good News of Jesus Christ—which is the base line of the entire book.

His use of excellent analogies to explained the more difficult biblical concepts is amazing. Each chapter provides good soul-searching questions and others encourage and strengthen your beliefs.

Pritchard writes, “The greatest gifts in life are the ones we don’t deserve. No gift could be greater than the love of God.” How great is the love of a God who would sacrifice his only son for all humanity? And in so doing reconciled them back to God and simultaneously forgave their sins.

He then poses the question. “Have you discovered what life is all about? Life is nothing without God. Everything else is just details.”

If you are just beginning your Christian journey this is a book to help you genuinely understand terminologies like salvation, grace, faith and repentance. And if you are still learning in your walk with God; this is not only a refresher but also revelation.

In going to heaven Pritchard pens, “If you want to go to heaven your first step is to stop trying to earn your way there. You have to stop working and start trusting if you want to be saved. Write it in big letters when it comes to saving your soul, WORKS DON’T WORK!”

This book contains a lot of answers we have rattling around in our minds concerning God, Jesus and the Kingdom. A good read at 131 pages.

If you have any hard questions about your faith or Christianity. Whether a neophyte or an old timer—this is the book to read.

There is also a revised edition of this book out celebrating its ten years in print, containing a total of 192 pages.

Ray Pritchard has updated this best-selling presentation of the gospel in a clear, straightforward way using simple language and clear Scripture references. 

This book will give you help for the present and hope for the future.

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