How you can Think the Thoughts of God

Written by Bishop Noel Jones with Dr. Georgianna Land, The Battle for the Mind takes a serous look at the constant war raging in your mind between powerful opposing forces.

Are you a willing vessel holding onto the enemy through self-condemnation and deeper guilt? Or are you renewing your mind daily through the Holy Spirit?

Jones writes, “It is critical for us to recognize that the flesh and the Spirit are in constant conflict because the mind of sinful flesh sets its desires against the mind of the Spirit. thus, the mind becomes the battle field of: 1) Grace against law. 2) God against satan. 3) Revelation against situation 4) Spirit against flesh. 5) Word against the world.” (pages 34-35)

In Chapter 9 he writes, “God does not work through conformity. He is looking for evidence of real transformation—transformation that takes place only through the renewing of the mind.” (page 95)

The Battle for the Mind takes you on an exploration of the mind of Christ, the Spirit of God and the power of praise to conquer the enemy and win the battle! Never have I read such a well written and informative book.

This book has many tools for self-discovery and strategical maneuvers by which to implement effective spiritual warfare. The Battle for the Mind would be a welcome addition to anyone’s library Christian or not. You can also purchase an expanded edition of this same version at

We give this book a five star rating.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. An awesome review c.l. This is so deep and an unavoidable happening during these end times. My eater too is for all to grasped god if the Truth and in the Word stand firm and be strong!! Big Hugs and Blessings to you!❤️💕❤️☕️☕️


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