About one o’clock this morning as I was rummaging through the idea of turning a certain cartoon series into a movie; a thought popped into my head: “You were a writer from day one. It has forever been in your literary blood. The problem is you were always diverted from this destiny path by the problematic vehicles of life that captured your undivided attention.”

Instead of using these problematic vehicles to create—you allowed them to deviate you from any future prospects of being a successful writer because of feelings of inadequacy for what you perceived as a lack of experience or training. Even though creative geniuses are born everyday, i.e., J.K. Rowling.

No, the idea of turning a cartoon series into a movie isn’t novel. But let me ask you one question. How many of these ideas have you come up with and didn’t follow through only to see them on a bumper sticker, tee shirt, the big screen, television, stage or even in a book? Yeah, right in your face! I know I have, and on more than one occasion. Each time I could’ve kicked my own self in the butt!

Or have you ever been watching a movie and was predisposed to the plot or storyline as you observed? Well, one time or twice you could chalk this so-called coincidence as luck. But to repeatedly do it is a horse of a different color. To which you should give serious consideration. Welcome to the real writer’s world.

My problems were procrastination and fear of failure. It was like I had a great tennis serve, but no follow through. And you want to know the sad part; it took me this long to figure it out—through the persuasion of some faithful constituents. Please don’t let this be you. Life is ever fleeting—time marches on. You’ve got to put your time in to succeed. Before you know it you’ll be ready to retire without a 401k and a lot of ifs floating around in your brain.

All of the repetitive movie series. Or the regurgitation of Hollywood films with different names and script variations. Perhaps it is time for a change and that change is ……wait for it……you!

The one thing I know for sure is original has become a rarity and this rarity might just be the key that unlocks the door to a future you didn’t even know you had!

I would like to take this time to thank all of my readers for your continued support. You have motivated me to dig deeper and do better in my writings. If there is something you’d like to read about please let me know. Blessings and peace to you all.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement. I really do appreciate your feedback. I wish more of my viewers would leave comments so that I’d know what they are thinking and what the need. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings and Peace.

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      • You are most welcome! Readers will inspire and encourage more and more. We are all growing in love as a dispel of evil and hate! 🌺🌺💕❤️💕🌺🌺


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