Drawn from the backstories of four different people. The Journey from Unbelief to Faith shows how God still works in today’s world. No matter our troubled pasts, entrenched beliefs, willful antagonisms or preconceived ideologies. God has the ability to cut through our callous exteriors; making shambles of the self-deluding facades we construct in a feeble attempt to keep Him out.

For the first thirty-one years of her life, Pat Burke knew nothing about Jesus. “God was only known as a curse word.” She came from an abusive background with an obnoxious alcoholic father who somehow motivated her walk on the road to faith by means of a record album.

Eddie Balfour was an Orthodox Jew raised in a very discriminatory environment during the late fifties and early sixties. But despite having to overcome many hardships, including family disagreements about his religious affiliations; he was converted to Christianity through a progression of ministerial service from the back row of an Episcopal church. Then one Thanksgiving the light bulb came on. “My witness has gotten nothing but stronger. My faith has gotten nothing but stronger. I am astounded this is fun…It’s like that old beer commercial, “Nothing gets better than this!”

Marsha Montenegro came from a military family. Her father was an agnostic and her mother was Southern Baptist. Although her mother made them go to Sunday School and church. “The bible wasn’t a real thing to me. I believed Jesus was real, but I didn’t know who he was.” Since she was associated with schoolmates who were from different religious backgrounds she became a New Age stargazer steeped in Eastern religion. Right in the midst of this New Age hype found the Jesus she didn’t know.

Tyler Mann came from a family whose father had a spiritual background, but never went to church. And his mother was a Unitarian. Tyler found science to be his God at an early age. So out of his parent’s religious affiliations came Tyler, an atheist gamer who challenged the faith of the Christian gamers, he targeted, with the word of God just for argument’s sake to prove they were wrong. Until he grasped the nature of faith…

These four testimonies were very thought-provoking and convicting from many different directions. It wasn’t like listening to a sermon but more like listening to how fact lines up with truth concerning the matters of God’s authority. Regardless of how far away we may think we are from Him, as Jonah tried to get. He is always there to catch us just before we fall off the edge of life.

Produced by The Lutheran Hour Ministries for Men’s Bible Study, this movie is done in four segments; which can all be seen on YouTube and Redeem TV for free. These segments can be watched by anyone seeking a deeper understanding or relationship with God. If you think you are in an impossible situation or straddling the fence concerning your faith. I would urge you to watch this with all diligence. You just might find your answer in between these stories.

We give The Journey from Unbelief to Faith 2 thumbs up and five stars.

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