“People in this town find miracles where there are none.”

Imagine being an egocentric, gambling addicted non-believer who God elects to be blessed with the power of healing. Life’s bitterness blinded you so that in your prideful rebellion you refused to accept this gift because you were given that option…..

That is exactly what happened to our main character, Alec Bailey (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), who found himself unaware of this gift and running out of options. There are loan sharks on his trail and a bank about to foreclose on his business, which coincidentally is called The Healer.

When it looked as though Alec’s life was over and he’d finally run into a dead end street; an unknown uncle, Raymond Heacock, (Jonathan Pryce) invites him to lunch, giving him a plane ticket and an offer he wanted to refuse. Go to Nova Scotia for 365 days, stay in their family home, and all of his debts will be paid in full. After serving that year he had the option of returning to his wretched life if he so desired. Upon leaving the dinner table his uncle poses a question. “Do you find anything odd about yourself?”

Once it dawns on Alec his uncle gave him a non-refundable airline ticket, and loan shark heavies begin chasing him through the city; he decides to make the trip.

Upon his arrival in Nova Scotia, he meets Cecilia, (Camilla Luddington) who offers to place an ad in the local newspaper to help him out since he is new in town. The newspaper printed the ad incorrectly and people started showing up at his house with all forms of sickness and disease. To which he tries to convince them he is not that kind of healer, but a fix it man, an electrician of sorts.

When his uncle and Cecilia tell him the truth about his healing abilities, that he could either choose to keep the gift or give it back—he decides to give it back. Until wrestling with his own demons brings him face to face with a young girl, by the name of Abigail (Kaitlyn Bernard,) who has terminal cancer that changes his entire outlook on life.

This film was created to give us a light-hearted perspective on life. But you will find moments when you will agree with what’s going on and other times you will find your eyes tearfully appreciative of the character’s transformation and the effect it had on others. This movie will definitely get your undivided attention—it just has that emotional draw you simply cannot resist.

Originally released in 2016 this movie is 113 minutes. Not rated.

Director: Paco Arango
Writer: Paco Arango
Stars: Oliver Jackson-CohenJonathan PryceCamilla Luddington.

We give The Healer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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