“Some things you need to know about Miss Debbie. She’s the only person to love you enough not to give up.”

There is a saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” In Same Kind of Different as Me, that saying has never been more appropriate. We see a marriage built on a foundation of lies and deceit. An unshared bed and even more unshared conversations.

This movie is based on the inspiring true story of international art dealer, Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear) and his wife Deborah. As part of the conditions of their marriage reparation, Deborah (Renee’ Zellweger) requires Ron to start helping her at a local mission where she has been working for a long time—but he never got involved.

In the midst of working in this mission, Ron meets a violent and angry homeless man by the name of Denver Moore (Djimon Hounsou). A felon from Angory; who came from a horrible past. In forming a relationship with Denver, Ron and Deborah’s lives are forever changed; when they find their true purpose and love, again.

A lot of Ron’s assumptions about homeless people were changed. He found out that not all homeless people are bad people; some are just victims of bad circumstances. He also found that you can discover unconditional love in some of the strangest places. Denver even admitted, “God is in the recycling business of turning trash into treasure. Miss Debbie must be his best employee.” The three of them continually struggle to find God’s hand in this; even when Debbie is diagnosed with a terminal disease.

This movie has reconciliation and healing on many levels. It also gives an excellent example of what true ministry should be about. And reveals how the love of God can turn even the blackest of hearts into the brightest full of love. It really brings clarity into your life regardless your financial status. It matters not if we live in a mansion on a hill or the war torn streets of the inner city. We each have one commonality. “Whether we are rich. Whether we are poor or some in between. We are all homeless, every last one, just working our way back home.”

If you are on a treasure hunt for something special this is the one you should see.

Originally released on October 2017, this movie is 119 minutes. Rated PG-13.

Director: Michael Carney.
Writers: Michael Carney (screenplay), Alexander Foard (screenplay). 
Stars:Greg KinnearRenée ZellwegerDjimon Hounsou.

We give this film

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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