Some moments will inspire you to walk into your destiny…

Does God just speak to regular church goers? Apparently not. Our main character, Faith Houston (Chrystee Pharris), told her family she was moving to Red Springs, Texas to work on the Steps of Faith horse farm where they have a hippa therapy program for children. Because she believed that God called her to do so. Faith is a person who may attend church once a month, has a fear of horses and an even worse relationship with children. Which were all points brought up to her by her mother who was more concerned with her getting married and having grandchildren. Even though her parents disapproved, she prayed and asked God to send another message specifying what she was to do and he did.

She even went to her pastor and discussed the matter with him. He told her, “God puts these obstacles in our paths so we don’t walk around like saints.” And to “Follow your heart and God’s message.” Assuring Faith eventually her parents would come around.

Upon arriving in Red Springs, Faith immediately goes to the Steps of Faith ranch where she meets with Bell Willcoxs (Gail Cronauer) who was in charge. Upon telling Bell God had spoken to her and said she was to come to the farm and work with the children…Well you can just imagine the type of reception she received.

After constantly pestering Bell and Marshall Lee (Charles Malik Whitfield), she is finally hired to come to work for $7.25 an hour “from sunup to sundown” Monday through Friday. Bell gave her a week to last, but Faith cleaned out the stables, fed and groomed the horses…As Marshall told Bell,”and down goes Frazier.” She finally convinced Bell she could do the job—some days too tired to even get out of her car.

But, at the first sign of trouble Faith packs her bags and runs back home; leaving the farm short of help and her relationship with Marshall a question mark. After laying on the couch crying for a week she asks her dad (Ted Lange), “Why would God send me some place if he knew I was going to fail?

To find out his answer and see how the story ends you will just have to watch the movie for yourself.

In life, some of us must take the road less travelled to find our destiny. But with God leading the way you will wind up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Originally released in 2014 the movie is 95 minutes.

We give Steps of Faith

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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