“Sometimes our ideas are not God’s ideas.”

What happens when you are just one step away from your dream and you are thrown a curveball?

Riley Adams (Natalie Weese) had just won first place in a major dance competition and on her way home is in a car accident that sheds darkness on her once hopeful dancing career. Add to this incident a childhood rivalry with a jealous classmate, Aleah (April Oberlin), who just happens to have the same last name. And you now have the recipe for a very engrossing tale of faith, friendship, love, and forgiveness.

The word grace in the film title might suggest to some the movie is about how the grace of God can remedy any given situation; which it does. But there is also a horse named Grace with whom the main character shares a bond of friendship and faith as she pursues recovery from severe brain contusions.

As it becomes more apparent that Riley is going to have to give up her dreams of being a professional dancer; God opens another door she never expected. And when she walks through that door she finds love, healing, and favor that helps her come into who God purposed her to be.

We give Healed by Grace

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Originally released in 2012 the film is 111 minutes and is rated PG.

Director: David Matthew Weese (as David Weese)
Writers: David Matthew Weese (as David Weese), Natalie Weese
Stars: Tommy Beardmore, Larry Bower, Mark S. Esch.

It is in the darkest hours that the power of God’s grace can pull all the positives out of what appears to be the worse negative—-giving us new life with a true purpose. Proving that His grace is truly sufficient.

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