The foundation we thought we were standing on has crumbled beneath our feet,
It was nothing more than sinking sand not foundational concrete.
just as we assumed the course of events in our lives were going so well;
We now see how what we thought to be strong is oh so very very frail.

We thought by now there would be a solution,
But misinformation brought about the wrong conclusion.
Realizing we need to turn our attentions away;
From what has become familiar each and every day…

And redirect our negative energies, fears, confusion and fights,
To God who we know can make these wrong things right.
If we all pray and believe with sincere hearts in truth…
He will divinely give us effective answers absolute.

Then this darkness of the unknown will dissipate,
When we as one people begin to righteously relate…
This is not about our selfish ambitions but humanity as a whole,
Then we can walk into this new world and watch our blessings unfold.

© c.f. leach, 2020. Copyright protected. All rights reserved. 


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