God is good. He never gives us no more than we can handle right? That’s right. What happens if it is more than we can handle?

Synopsis: Rick (Joey Lawrence), a retired police officer, is sitting in his truck contemplating suicide; after replaying the day his wife died in his mind—blaming himself for not being able to protect her from a convict he was responsible for putting in prison.

Rick came home to surprise his wife, but that convict surprised him at his house on that fateful day. It has been five years, to the day, since his loss. Rick is also separated from his son and bitter with God. Referring to his deceased wife, “Your God in His infinite wisdom took her from me. How’s that for a happy ending?”

While sitting in his truck, a young lady knocks on the window and asks him if he would give her a ride into town. Rick was quite reluctant at first but finally agreed in giving Grace (Catalina Rodriguez) a ride. She assures him the Lord was going to bless him for this, with a promise. Rick almost hit a homeless man, Jeremiah (Muse Walker), pushing a cart, who tells him how much he misses Rick’s wife down at the mission and gives him his son’s baseball mitt. Unbeknownst to Rick, Jeremiah used to play catch with his son.

Grace is full of faith, hope, compassion, love, and stories. All, of which, through the power of God begins breathing new life into Rick; even though she’s also had some tragedy in her life. Not only did Rick get blessed for giving Grace a ride, but so many other blessings came his way that day.

What will Rick’s decision be? Will he reconcile with his son? Will Grace get to her destination? You will have to see the movie to find out. Hint: The film’s ending is not what you expect.

We Give Saved By Grace

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Originally released in 2016, this film is 85 min., with a PG12 rating.

Director: Johnny Remo
Writers: Lance Bachelder (screenplay), Kenneth Lemm (screenplay) 
Stars: Catalina RodriguezMuse WatsonRobin Rike

The recipient of five doves from the Dove Channel, this is a must-see. The scripture “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” is so true and meaningful in this film. Which proves that despite all we have been through or will go through in this life—God is still able to restore with an unconditional love; boundlessly reaching deep inside our hearts—giving us reasons to re-examine our lives as he restores the brokenness and repairs the breach. When God restores and repairs, forgiveness, and reconciliation are also found in that construct.

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