by Josiah Okheape (Guest Post)

The reason you should know God’s love is cause it’ll put you over.

God blesses, He protects, He anoints, He also judges and destroys. But among all these, He is not called by any of these names.

John the beloved, through the Holy Spirit, revealed the true nature of God–when he called Him LOVE 1 John 4:7.

Love is the most powerful thing in the Kingdom of God, but many have not realized this.

Many study about Faith, Grace, Power, etc. But never about love. Meanwhile, everything in God’s Kingdom works by love.

In Galatians 5:22, the Bible says, the fruit of the spirit “is” love, joy, peace…

Do you notice an indefinite article in its singular form “is” instead of “are”? When there are 8 other fruits behind it.

Love must have something to do about the others.

My review today is on the book titled, “Love: The Secret To Success” by Gloria Copeland.

As always, I’ll be showing you in my own words some insights I caught while reading this book.

Many of us see love as indefinite–something we can’t truly define. But God says otherwise. He defines love in specific terms.

He says, “if you love me, you’ll keep my commandment”.

Very simple. In other words, “I’ll know you love me if you’ll just do what I say”.

Just like Faith is a package that comes with salvation when you are born again, so also is love. In the same way, faith without works is dead. So also love that has no expression is dead.

Your knowledge of the revealed word of God and exercising yourself in it develops your love life. Else God’s love in you remains underdeveloped, and selfishness takes a lead role in your life.

“How accurate you perfect the love walk, will determine how much of the perfect will of God you’ll accomplish”

The truth is, you may have certain spiritual gifts. But without love, your mode of expressing them will not please God.

Love is why He does all things. He created us in the image of love and put in us His love spirit–making it possible to live the love life.

Every scripture you obey expresses the love of God. It opposes all the world stands for and we have trained ourselves to be.

Part of changing your mindset into this new you is confessing what the Word says about who you are. God is love, and if you hail from Him, you have the same DNA.

You’ll find 1 Cor 13:4-8 very useful for this. And as you continue to work what your mouth confesses. Something remarkable takes place, your life takes the form of the parable of the yeast and the dough. God’s love permeates your entire being.

Love permeates every fiber of your being. How you talk, think, and act, etc.

“Every time you practice Love by faith, you put the Father into action on your behalf.”

Love is the greatest, and it’ll never fail. If you know what the word says and simply act on it, you activate the power of love to defend, preserve, and provide for you.

How often have you expressed God’s love to others around you?

Or what area of your life are you determined to express the love of God from now?

You can download a copy of this book for yourself HERE and be blessed as you read

Please leave your answers on the comment box below, I’ll be glad to have them.

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God bless

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape who is a Book Reviewer for Kingdom Book Reviews a very informative and inspirational website. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Thank you so much. Blessings and Peace.

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