“I can almost guarantee at some point in your life you will be asked the following: “Do you believe in God?”

A widower and devoted father; Jimmy Hope (Robert Krantz), still not dealing with the loss of his wife, is now facing the prospect of losing a job he’s had for over twenty years. All because he is afraid of closing a door to his past that has now allowed fear and self-doubt to enter in.

But, thanks to his youngest daughter, Demetra (Aria Walters), sets a plan in motion. By making her request made known unto God, to reconnect her father with himself and introducing him to her dance instructor, Faith Turley (Peta Murgatroyd).

Upon meeting Faith, she opens the door to Jimmy’s future, by selecting him as a dance partner for a contest to save her dance studio. And also gives him the strength to face his fears of the past.

A dancing relationship flourishes that leads Faith back to God and strengthens Jimmy’s faith to see God as an ever present help no matter what. Thus, finally freeing him to walk into the next chapter of the destiny God planned for their lives.

This film exemplifies how your faith in God can overcome painful obstacles and lead you into a newness of joy you never thought could exist in your life again.

Two hurt souls with the commonality of dance. Which helps them both to successfully overcome their pains and hurts of the past. And allows them to dance their way into a relationship of true love, happiness and joy through Faith, Hope & Love.

“There is a God in heaven whose mercy, love, compassion and tenderness pours down from heaven and is available to each one of us to heal our broken hearts.”Jimmy

This movie was originally released in 2019, is l hr. and 46 mins. long and rated PG.

Directors: J.J. EnglertRobert Krantz.
Writer: Robert Krantz.
Stars: Peta MurgatroydRobert KrantzMichael Richards. With appearances from veteran actors Corbin Bernsen, M. Emmet Walsh, and Edward Asner.

We give Faith, Hope & Love

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Would have given 5 stars but the comedic parts, in my opinion, just did not work.

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