by c.f. leach

A cry to the sky
As water pours from my eyes
When my heart is so full of pain
I hide my tears in the rain

Gray skies moving overhead
While I lay prisoner in my bed
To a night of restless thoughts
All this toil and nothing wrought

The Son bursts through the clouds
Disintegrating this invisible shroud
That weighed so heavily on my life
Things are beginning to look right

As He brightly summons the day
Driving the hopelessness and tears away
in the anticipation and faith
Now understanding the wait

For the miraculous to start
With a newly created heart
New strength—new life to begin
It was never a loss—but always a win.

© c.f. leach, 2020. All rights reserved.

*Header: Teardrop Abstract by Rich Governali.

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