The Adventure Continues…

For those who are trying to catch up. Dr. Canon just authenticated the Copper Scroll and the possible locations of its treasures. There was a mysterious figure under his window listening to his transcription. After Dr. Canon left his office, the mysterious figure got onto a motorcycle and drove off…

The mysterious biker is heading back to Jerusalem. Once there, parks next to an Antiques Shoppe. Knock, “Come in.” “Mr. Saduj, good news he has authenticated those documents. They are most definitely the real thing. What do you want to do?” (Marc Saduj is an Egyptian smuggler thief who makes his living stealing relics from real archeologists and then sells them on the black market.) “Dr. Canon is trying to determine the exact locations of the treasures.” “For now, just shadow him until he can map out the treasures’ locations. Keep me informed of what’s going on and I will put a plan in place when we get enough info.”

“What are you planning to do?” “That is on a need to know basis.” “Just do your part without fail because time is of the essence.” A knock at the door. Mr. Saduj beacons our mysterious biker to go into the back room. “Come in.” “Hello,” “Natasha please have a seat.” A blonde haired lady in sunglasses, hat and safari suit sits down. She asks “How are things progressing?” Mr. Saduj replies, “Canon has finally authenticated the scroll and is looking for information on the locations of the treasures.” “So, they do exist?” “That is the consensus. But, with all of the exposure and publicity we are going to have to be very cautious.” “My people are quite interested in this acquisition.” “That’s all good and fine, but my concern is what if this really is God’s dowry? Did the thought ever occur to you this is the reason no one has ever tried anything of this magnitude before?” “Saduj, please don’t tell me you haven’t even begun this venture and are already running scared? Once a coward always a coward.” “It’s not a question of being a coward. No, it is a question of being cautious. Realizing we are on a very tight schedule and the high priority of these treasures being found. All eyes are going to be on Dr. Canon and his team.” “That’s why moles are always so important—-they don’t mind digging through the dirt to find where X marks the spot. “Yeah, but moles are also blind in the light.”

Natasha gives Mr. Saduj a warning.”Just make sure we remain on schedule because my people do not like mistakes or those who make them. Which means if you mess up, I’m in the hot seat; which places you in a very bad predicament my friend. And why are you sooo concerned about this being God’s dowry?” Mr. Saduj answers worryingly. “Because from an historical perspective that is what this treasure is being called. Remember what happened to Rene’ Belloq when he opened that Ark of the Covenant?” Never heard of him.” “That’s right, because there was nothing of him or his party left to speak of after opening that Ark.” “Oh, come on, that’s just a lot of hokey superstition. There’s always some legend connected to archeological finds. You of all people should know that.” Saduj says sarcastically,”Legend, okay legend.” Natasha again reiterates,”You just stay on schedule and let me worry about the rest.” Saduj replies, “That’s alright with me. It will be your head rolling not mine.” “Whatever. I’ve got to get back and give my report. Don’t evaporate in the air while I’m gone.” Natasha says jokingly as she leaves the building.

“You can come out now. Well, I guess you heard.” “Yep.” “So you do understand how vital it is to not muck this up. Because if things go south, it is going to be one bloody mess. My advice to you—Don’t Mess This Up!” “Alright, Alright stop trippin’ everything is going to work out just fine.” With a not so optimistic sentiment Mr. Saduj says, “I am from the school of life, which teaches to never count your chickens before they hatch.” “What does that mean?” Blow this job and you’ll find out.” “No disrespect Mr. Saduj, but you are such a diehard pessimist.” “No, when my life is on the line I find there is no room for error.”

Until next time stay tuned….

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