Secrets hidden beneath the truth
I’ve searched for them all my youth
Walking on life’s sandy beach
Looking at the clouds that are out of reach

Yet the glistening sands are beneath my feet
As the tides of life begin to sweep
Up against my cold feeble legs
That have become dark icy pegs

Stuck in a place I can’t seem to get out
And no one hears my screams and shouts
As the foaming waters cover my knees
The wind is now a strong towing breeze

Pushing me as I cry to the Father from these crested shores
Please save me, refresh me, strengthen and restore
This life as its seas try to wash mine away
All I need is just one more day

To find those secrets beneath the truth
When no one else can seem to scoop
Away the sand until this truth is found
Which places my feet on the solid ground

Of a future more brighter than before
Into which I skip along life’s beach forevermore.

© c.f. leach, 2020

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