Releasing God’s Power for Breakthrough

by Jennifer LeClaire

The Holy Bible contains many examples of individuals who prayed heartfelt prayers and received the miraculous. So where are all these miracles we’ve read about? How come we are not seeing more of them today? What will it take for us to break into this realm of the miraculous? Is there some truth in we have not because we believe not or because we keep praying amiss? What keeps us separated from the realm of the miraculous? I am sure many of us would like to hold the key to the padlock of that realm. Your answers to all of these questions are within her upcoming book Breaking the Miracle Barrier.

In her forthcoming book, Jennifer LeClaire reveals surprising melodic notes to obtaining breakthrough, released in the prayer lives of people fiercely crying out to see God’s power manifested, loved ones set free, and enemies vanquished. In these twelve chapters. she teaches believers how to cry out to God, how to pray effectively, when things shift in the spirit realm and how to sustain the Old Testament faith unfaultered by fear, stumbling blocks, opposition, and that which looks to be impossible. The kind of unsinkable faith that breaks through this miracle barrier.

Upon opening this bottle of fresh oil you will find a fragrance of the word you haven’t smelled before. If you are looking for, or in need of a breakthrough; there are some revelatory notes in this book that you’ve never read about, heard or seen. What season are you in? Do you know God’s voice when you hear it? What births things? What brings dead things to life? These revelations, and many more, will give you the key to that padlock you’ve been wrestling with. But just like the Bible. If you read it and don’t implement it in your daily life — it’s like having a kite you know will fly, but you never took it out for a spin.

Breaking the Miracle Barrier: Releasing God’s Power For Breakthrough is due for release on February 2, 2021. We read the Advance Reading Copy and couldn’t divulge the spoiler or more information. This book is going to be amazing. For a sneak peek go to

We give Breaking the Miracle Barrier: Releasing God’s Power For Breakthrough

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This Advance Reading Copy is provided to me courtesy of Chosen, Baker Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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