“Honor begins at home.”

There are three movies in my life that I have found awe inspiring: King of Kings, The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur. Now I must add a fourth to this list, Courageous. No, it doesn’t have all of the glitz and glamor of a Hollywood big budget production, but its message is still the same. In an age of unaccountability where people deem themselves and money more important than relationships; this film reminds us of the things that truly matter in our lives and will have you crying, cheering and mezmerized by the interwoven character developments that are etched within. And let us not forget, Courageous also sheds an unbiased light on officers in our society that still “preserve and protect” the innocent—that still possess stringent moral values. Values they have not put aside for personal gain or vengence…yet sometimes there is a rotten apple somewhere in the bunch.

A carjacking at a gas station has a father, Nathan Hayes (Ken Bevel), pursuing the thief at all cost. When the truck is finally stopped, we find the reason Nathan was so determined to get the truck back, was not because he loved his truck so much; as the cargo inside. The carjacker got away. Deputies Adam Mitchell and Shane Fuller (Alex Kendrick and Kevin Downes) arrive on the scene and recognize Hayes as the new deputy that just moved into town. Hayes’ new partner is David Thomson (Ben Davies) the youngest of the group.

On the other side of town, Javier Martinez (Robert Amaya) is a struggling immigrant trying to provide for his family after being laid off from his construction job. While looking for work, he walks down an alley asking God what He wants him to do. Mitchell, thinking he is a different Javier recommended by a friend, calls him over to help with some backyard construction projects. Mitchell pays Javier, then recommends him for a full-time job, where he gets hired.

A horrible tragedy strikes the Mitchell family; causing Adam to search out the meaning of fatherhood in the Bible. Which spurs his decision to be a better father. He then writes a detailed “Resolution” to honor God in every aspect of his family. Mitchell, Hayes, Fuller, Thomson, and Martinez join him in this Resolution at a formal ceremony; conducted by Hayes’s neighborhood mentor. Their decisions lead to some healing and mending of present day and long lost relationships.

Meanwhile, at work, Javier’s boss offers him a promotion if he will falsify some shipping documents. After his manager gave him a day to think about it, Javier rejected the offer. You will have to watch the movie to see what happens next!

Then Mitchell suspects his partner, Shane (Kevin Downes), of stealing drugs from police evidence. He tells his wife what he thinks is happening and tells her that if it is true he still has to do the right thing. So he sets up a sting operation to catch Shane…You will just have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

The movie takes us full circle to where we meet the same carjacker again. But this time, the circumstances are entirely different. There is a scripture that says Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. (Galatians 6:7 NKJV) Funny, what a traffic stop for a broken tail light will do…

At a Father’s Day church service the pastor tells the congregation about the Resolution and introduces Adam to speak. He gives a stirring speech urging the fathers in the congregation to be a godly influence on their families.

If your moral compass is pointing in the wrong direction this movie will most certainly change that direction to true North. Courageous shows what good comes from never compromising, but always standing for righteousness and truth. This is one movie you really need to see. It addresses so many present day issues we see everyday—whether in the news or up close and personal. Courageous is a must see and a way to start your New Year on the right foot.

Courageous was originally released in 2011, is 129 min and rated PG-1. Can be seen on IMdb TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also purchase the dvd.

Director: Alex Kendrick.
Writers: Alex KendrickStephen Kendrick.
Stars: Alex KendrickKen BevelKevin Downes and Renee Jewell.

We give Courageous

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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