Guest Post by Josiah Okheape

God speaks, but you have to be taught to know and recognize God’s voice.

Most people including believers feel intimidated when they hear some persons say “God spoke to me or i heard God’s voice”. One reason is because they have not heard God speak to them before.

Some may have heard God before, but have missed God on other occasions. So many instances I could share, but the truth is God hasn’t stop speaking to his children.

My review this week is on a book authored by David Kaffo, titled ‘Listening to God‘.

Ignorance is not an excuse in God’s kingdom. That you made a mistake with a choice you made, doesn’t make God lesser than He is.

Yet, like it took various degrees of learning to develop yourself or grow to the point you are now. So also the things of the spirit need various degrees of learning to master.

After giving my life to Christ, Some years down the line. I found myself among fellows, who had developed their ability to hear God’s voice.

Every time I had a chance to be with them. The things they said about God left me intimidated. I wanted such a relationship with God. That began my adventure in learning from their experiences.

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Yes, you may not have such people around you. But that’s no good excuse to miss your father’s voice. truly, life is cheaper when you know where you are headed. Even when you can tell the God’s voice from man’s.

Divine Direction is available with God our Father. Reading this book may not be all you need, as learning with God is continuous. But I assure you, it’ll lead you down the road more than you can ever imagine.

Feel free to Share this with your friends and loved ones. We all need to hear our Heavenly Father clearly.

You can get this book from the amazon online store.

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape who is a Book Reviewer for Kingdom Book Reviews a very informative and inspirational website. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Josiah thank you so much. Blessings and Peace.

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