There are two things one is required to do to increase their imagination. You will need to motivate it, and are required to train your brain. By immediately implementing these two things, you can begin experiencing an increase in your imagination today!

Motivating creativity increases your imagination. This is a resounding truth for the majority of things you desire to see more of in your life. You’ll be surprised how support works wonders. But the greater question is… How do you encourage imagination?

You must first take notice of it. What you pay the most attention to is what your subconscious mind lends to you. When you neglect the imaginative elements in your life, basically, you are notifying your subconscious of their unimportance. If you make mental notes when your imagination is in gear. looking for those imaginative opportunites—your subconscious will begin feeding you more cutting edge concepts. Go in search of it and you will discover more of it.

Another method for inspiring creativity increase is to notate your concepts. It would even prove more beneficial to keep and maintain a “concept journal.” If you get into the habit of doing this you will find quite often the ideas begin to flow the minute you start to journal. Through experience I have learned that journaling helps the memory. Therefore, your subconcious goes to work on that concept and can modify it into something quite imaginative.

As a writer, you have the option of encouraging greater creativity by practicing imaginative concepts. You do this by getting your mind working outside routine parameters. In other words, change your environment. Sitting at your desk all day may keep you in a mental cage. Go outside sit on a park bench with your laptop or a pad and pencil or even on your back porch or lanai. Who knows what might begin drifting into that mind of yours. Simple environmental changes can encourage imagination and simultaneously get your brain out of the dull drums.

To drastically increase one’s imagination you must establish imaginative mind habits. For example: Have you ever observed a good comedian? If you notice, they actually train their minds to search for different angles on everyday subjects. Training your mind to search for different angles on a subject is good practice for establishing and increasing your imagination.

Let’s Review. To encourage imagination...

  • Motivating creativity increases imagination.
  • Make mental notes while your imagination is in gear.
  • Notate your concepts.
  • Practice imaginative concepts.
  • Establish imaginative mind habits.

These ideas should help increase your imagination when implemented.

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Until next week….Keep pecking those darn keys. Blessings and Peace!


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