The value of a human being is based on the conviction of their character…

Imagine your mom going MIA during a rescue mission to save lives after a devastating earthquake. At the same time you find out the man, who has been your father for as long as you can remember, isn’t your biological father. Then add to the explosive emotional bomb, because your mother’s missing and your dad isn’t who you thought he was…Child Care Services comes knocking at your door. In fear of being taken away, you run before any explanation is given.

This is exactly what happened to young Nathan Peters (Ethan Bortnick). Who overhears a conversation his dad, George (Johnathan Bennett), is having with the people from Child Care Services. So, in his flight for freedom, Nathan, sneaks out the backdoor and starts walking the dangerous streets of Detroit; with only his trusty keyboard.

In a panic, after searching the house and there’s no Nathan, George goes looking for him. Meanwhile, as he is sitting on a bench, Nathan meets a homeless war veteran, Captain Miles (David Haines). Initially, it wasn’t quite clear as to what the Captain had in mind. But he eventually places Nathan in a position where he must stay, with a previous acquaintance, Jessee Strasser; whose mom is Evelyn Strasser (Elizabeth Atkins), a wealthy philanthropist, who, coincidentally, is the director of the city’s orphanage.

Ms. Strasser discovers Jesse (Fatima Ptacek) has been hiding Nathan in the basement. After some phone calls, she reunites Nathan with George, but not before the children at the orphanage tell her how musically gifted Nathan is. Unfortunately, the father and son reunion is short-lived until Child Care Services can sort things out. In all his running, Nathan ended up where he first began. But, now convinced this is the right thing to do, Nathan goes to the orphanage. While speaking with the office staff, Ms. Strasser apprises them the orphanage is going to be closed, because their grant funding did not come in. The children overhearing this, decide to do some fundraising by having Nathan give a concert. They plaster flyers and posters everywhere, promising an outstanding performance.

But to find out if Nathan pulled off the concert to keep the orphanage opened (Lacey Chabert)…You will just have to watch the movie to see.

I like this film because it addresses the realities of military life, homelessness and adoption. It is a solid film, with solid acting and some surprises and truths. Anything is Possible shows that when you believe in yourself, with teamwork and hard work anything is possible, which is a good note for your children. And it also teaches us to hold on to our faith.

The Dove Foundation gave this film five Doves, their highest rating; as well as their Family Approved For All Ages seal, which means that it is an entertaining story suitable for the entire family. They also said Young Ethan Bortnick is incredible as Nathan.

Originally released in 2013, Anything Is Possible is 93 min and is Rated TV-Y7 and can be seen on Prime Video.

Director: Demetrius Navarro.
Writers: Carlos R. BermúdezDemetrius Navarro.
Stars: Ethan BortnickJonathan BennettLacey Chabert.

We give Anything is Possible

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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