There is a scripture that reads…And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8;28 NKJV)

Wish Man is based on the real life story of Frank Shankwitz….

Frank Shankwitz (Andrew Steel) may not have been a church-goer, but that scripture certainly went with him. Childhood flashbacks haunting him…A callus and vindictive mother, Lorraine (Fay Masterson), always on the run keeping him away from his father (Bruce Davison); who Frank loved dearly. She eventually abandons him. Leaving him to be raised by a restaurant owner, Juan (Steven Michael Quezada), who instills sound moral principles in Frank and in his life. One core principle being, “If you see someone needs help, help them.”

28 years later, Frank becomes an Arizona motorcyle policeman with an impeccable service record. After a typical highway stop, survives a near-fatal accident where he dies for three minutes. As part of Frank’s rehabilitation, he is volunteered, by Kitty Carlisle (Kirby Bliss Blanton) to spend time with Michael, a terminally ill boy, whose dying wish is to become a motorcycle officer. Leaving his chief (Robert Pine) wondering who was on the wrong end of the stick!

They forge a remarkable relationship which also begins a healing process for Frank. While battling a corruption charge, he remains true to Michael; making him a promise he would get his officer’s wings that were only given to motorcycle officers. As Michael (Christian Ganiere) lays in the hospital bed in a coma, Frank stays true to that promise.

Upon attending Michael’s funeral, Frank receives an unexpected surprise that cements his moral beliefs, heals some childhood wounds and also gives him the motivation for starting what is now known as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. One boy’s wish changed a man. One man’s wish changed the world.

Although this film has a tinge of melodramatic predictability, it is still a good character-builder in its own right. Proving no matter how bad things are in life, we can overcome any obstacle, if we make the right choices and stand on truth. Not only for ourselves, but for others; when we value good morals in spite of our past. When you choose the right path, you never know what surprises lay ahead.

Wish Man was released in 2019, is 117 min and NR. And can be seen on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Director: Theo Davies
Writer: Theo Davies
Stars: Andrew SteelKirby Bliss BlantonTom Sizemore with veteran actors Robert Pine and Danny Trejo.

We give Wish Man

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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