As we welcome the first day of March. Let us find joy in Spring coming soon, as we turn our clocks forward an hour; when Daylight Savings Time makes an appearance.

This entire month is National Women’s History Month. For you Internet intellects, the first full week of March is “Read an E-Book Week” and “National Foreign Language Week”. The ebook I’ll be reading is The Metanoia Method, by Kent and Heather McKean, and I’ve already started my Greek lessons. The language is not as difficult as I thought it would be. But then, it’s not as easy either. I’m somewhat on the fence concerning this one. All I know is, if you want to live in Greece, you’ve got to speak the language.

A little March Trivia: Why did Lewis Carroll label the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland the March Hare? Since the rabbit had to appear “mad”; according to the English idiom, “Mad as a March Hare” is  derived from the observed antics, said to occur only in the March breeding season of the European hare. When the rabbits and hares are said to go mad. So this is why Carroll named him “March Hare.” Who knew?

May we encourage you to “Look for the goodness in everyone you meet today and everyday forward. Open your heart and become someone who gives the gift of peace, joy, or hope…and watch the ripple effect of MIRACLES & BLESSINGS unfold in your life.”

Happy March to you all. Blessings and Peace.

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