How The Brain, Body, And Bible Work Together

by Kent McKean / Heather McKean

*From a theological perspective, the word Metanoia is defined as , a transliteration of the Greek μετάνοια, means after-thought or beyond-thought, with meta meaning “after” or “beyond” (as in the modern word “metaphysics”) and nous meaning “mind” (as in the modern world “paranoia”). It is commonly understood as “a transformative change of heart; especially: a spiritual conversion.”[1] The term suggests repudiation, change of mind, repentance, and atonement; but “conversion” and “reformation” may best approximate its connotation.[2] In The King James Version of the Bible, its verbal cognate metanoeo/μετανοέω is translated as repent.[3]

Whereas, the Metanoia Method is defined as a healing system utilizing the principles of the Bible to change your mind. As Romans 12:2 says, God’s plan is for you to be renewed by the transformation of your mind (metanoia). We incorporate Biblical backing to the science we use. God created our amazing brains.

Although I can appreciate the algorithms and analogies the authors used, I found The Metanoia Method to be, metaphorically speaking, a 267 page lesson on re-formatting a hard drive (the human mind) that was corrupted with many viruses and worms. Some of those viruses were of an unknown origin that had to be researched through a bevy of paperwork to get the solutions. And our operating systems are the conscious and the subconscious/unconscious mind. (pg. 82) Woven throughout this lesson you will find various definitions of brain functionalities as they attribute/not attribute to our actions.

Both writers give their testimonies on where they were in their lives and how they successfully made their turnarounds. In the writers’ demonstrative attempt to explain why many of us, us meaning Christians, have found ourselves in a deadend street, referring to the church as more of a spiritual hospice than what it should be; a hospital—to which I concur. There are more sick and disgruntled people in church than the hospital. The writer then begs the question. “Is this what the church has become to us?” (pg. 71) I think many believers are asking themselves that question today. When they find themselves in a stalemate with their perception of God because, according to the writer, “we have not yet acknowledged the fact that our upbringing has a direct effect on how we conceptualize God and discern the scriptures.” He is convinced that once we accept this fact we will be willing to observe our views from a higher perspective. (pg. 98)

…a 19 Chapter expedition designed to help you reprogram your mind…

In this 267 page construct, you will find a 19 Chapter expedition designed to help you reprogram your mind or rewire your mind from living a life that is a reflection of your own perspective to living a life that is full of all the intricate attributes culminating a reflection of God. In other words, How we see God and what kind of God we worship has a massive impact on how we live and feel. (pg. 114)

In all truthfulness, I approached this book with an opened mind, enthusiam and hope. As I am searching for answers concerning the church and its effective function in the life of the believer as it relates to me on a personal level. The writer says, “The answer is in Jesus’ teachings. We must get back into alignment with how we were created to live and thrive: to love God—mind, body and spirit.” (pg. 68) Going back to the root is quintessential in discovering the true adherence to God’s word correctly. Instead of killing ourselves by accepting old teachings and ineffective traditions. We need to nail the coffin shut on old identities, beliefs, legacies and lies. Then with that new mindset we have a clearer picture on how to address the “how” and the “why” that is our driving force. Then the real healing can begin. That’s what Heather did. (pg.37)

If you like reading intellectual books with a clinically psychological spin; that has you pencil to papering your way heart first into your issues. The Metanoia Method is definitely the book for you. By all means pick it up—it may serve you well. Some people have to take this route in order to get their breakthrough. Hands on sometimes serves as a better memory reinforcement method than memorization itself. After all, “Changing your mind, rewiring your neuropaths are the nuts and bolts of The Metanoia Method.” (pg. 236)

Then the next you’ll think you’re in a laboratory…

This journey will have you feeling like your laying on a psychologist’s sofa one moment. Then the next you’ll think you’re in a laboratory and sometimes you may even feel as though you’re in a classroom environment. Yet, somewhere in those three environments you are sure to find some semblence of yourself. With all the different software hacks there is no way you could be missed; i.e. Memories are the building materials you use to construct your current and future realities. (pg. 231)

At best you will walk away with several golden nuggets such as how Greek translations can change a scripture in its entirety (for those of us who don’t read Greek-Hebrew bibles), what repentance means as it relates to a changed mind, or how powerful our thoughts are. At worst, you will grasp the conceptualization of the red and blue pill as it results in our choices. Taking that red pill will have you going down the rabbit hole of your mind, in search of yourself. The author admitted he’d been in “the Matrix” for too long and needed to unplug. “For too long I ignored the voices, the signs, the nudges of the Holy Spirit.” (pg. 45) And the consequence of that action is we end up staying in a world created by our fears instead of faith.

However, I do agree with the writer’s assessment at the book’s beginning, “…something in our collective religious culture needs to be re-evaluated.” (page16) Whether The Metanoia Method is the answer to that issue with total healing of believers…The jury is still out on that.

This ebook is provided to me via Booksprout and I am voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

*Definition of metanoia from

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