For years I thought self-publishing was the way to go. But now I’m not so sure. In researching, I find that having a solid publishing company behind you is so much more beneficial in the long term. They have the teams and available resources required to not only market your books but distribute and stock them in all of the major book chains. There are so many publishing companies out here it is incredulous. However, some are not as forthcoming with information as they should be. When you are a newbie you need all of the honest help you can get. Believe me, I’ve learned all that looks good is not always for your good. So here are a few reputable Christian Publishers for the new or unknown authors who are trying to get in the right direction and stay there. We hope this list will help to take out some of the guesswork. All of these publishers do accept unsolicited manuscripts.

1. Dove Christian Publishers

Dove Christian Publishers has been producing great Christian content since 1998. They are an evangelical independent Christian book publisher whose mission is to glorify Jesus Christ while entertaining, edifying, encouraging, and exhorting the body of Christ.

Known for: Christian content from notable authors.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, see submission guidelines.

Dove Christian Publishers currently has two brands under which your book may be submitted for publication. Dove Christian Publishers is their traditional publishing imprint, while Inscript Books is a newer imprint that accepts books for author-subsidized publishing.

Their traditional Dove Christian Publishers imprint is intended for authors with established social media and/or email followings of at least 500 people. Our Inscript imprint is primarily for new authors with no established platform or smaller followings. See their article, Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing versus Self-Publishing for more information on the two publishing methods.

2. Westminster John Knox Press

With a publishing history dating back to 1838, WJK and its predecessors have served scholars, students, clergy, and general readers. Most of its publications are used in the training of seminarians, the dissemination of religious scholars’ work, and the spiritual and ethical formation of clergy and laity.  

Known for: Nonfiction with a broad Christian worldview.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, guidelines here.

Books and resources published under the WJK imprint cover a spectrum of religious thought and represent the work of scholarly and popular authors of many different religious and theological affiliations.

WJK not only releases for a general market but also has branched out to successful children’s imprints looking for picture books ‘that reflect themes of diversity, inclusiveness, and compassion. They are not afraid of writers who confront controversial issues or an outside-the-box bible retelling.

3. Inter-Varsity Press

IVP’s mission is to publish Christian books that are true to the Bible and that communicate the gospel, develop discipleship and strengthen the church for its mission throughout the world. They are known for publishing a high standard of thoughtful, interesting, biblically-driven writing, which probes contemporary issues and engages at the right level for the intended readership.

Known for: Topical books engaging with contemporary culture, as well as church history.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, submission guidelines here.

In the twenty-first century, this work innovates and extends from books to videos, apps, and programs. (Is 55:11) This UK Christian publisher has gone on to sell over a million books a year in 150 countries. They don’t publish fiction or poetry but do have a variety of children’s books and are always looking for titles ‘from a diversity of viewpoints, both popular and academic in nature.

4. Abingdon Press

For more than 200 years, Abingdon Press continues a tradition in religious publishing for crossing denominational boundaries with thought-provoking and enjoyable books. Abingdon Press is an imprint of The United Methodist Publishing House, in operation since 1789.

Known for: Books about Christian living and leadership, for use in ministry and individual study.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, for nonfiction only — submission guidelines here.

Abingdon Press provides resources that meet the needs of people who seek and would serve God. They produce and deliver resources for use in ministry and for individual faith development. Among these products are books (Christian living, academic, leadership), church supply items, church program resources, curriculum resources, and a host of other print and digital media.

5. Paraclete Press

As the publishing house of the Community of JesusParaclete Press presents a full expression of Christian belief and practice—Catholic, evangelical, mainline Protestant, Orthodox—reflecting the ecumenical charism of the Community and its dedication to sacred music, the fine arts, and the written word.

Paraclete Press books explore the richness and depth of what it means to be a Christian. While Benedictine spirituality is at the heart of who they are and what they do, their books reflect the Christian experience across many cultures, time periods, and houses of worship.

Known for: Exquisite children’s gift books.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, see submission guidelines.

If your subject matter treads on that of the controversial, Paraclete Press has the tendency to stay clear of politics and current events. However, they do accept poetry at invitation only. They do not accept sermons or commentaries.

6. Wipf and Stock

Initially launched to protect important academic works from going out of print, Wipf and Stock now seek out new voices to publish, too. Since 2000, they’ve published over five hundred new publications a year under their six imprints: Cascade Books, Pickwick Publications, Wipf & Stock, and Resource Publications, and our newest divisions, Slant, Front Porch Republic Books, Puertas Abiertas, and Stone Table Books.— so that fictional manuscript you’ve just finished editing can be dropped in submissions!

Known for: A hands-on approach to publishing.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, submission guidelines here.

They believe in voice and breadth. From biblical studies to classic theology, poetry to history, their authors are experts, scholars, and artists. By combining innovative technology with academic excellence They are able to produce affordable books of enduring value. Their books never go out of print, and building lasting partnerships is always their focus.

7. Eerdmans Publishing

Founded in 1910 the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company has developed a reputation for publishing excellent literary and intellectual works and a myriad of responsible viewpoints from across the religious spectrum. 

Eerdmans also publishes quality children’s books under its imprint, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. These children’s books tell delightful stories about adventure, family, and friendship, but they also help children wrestle with special issues, such as grief, divorce, racism, poverty, and war.

Known for: Diverse viewpoints on social justice and current events from a globally religious spectrum.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, guidelines here.

Their company founder believed that responsible viewpoints from across the religious spectrum should be given opportunity for expression and that high literary and intellectual standards were of utmost importance. With the belief in mind, Eerdmans has welcomed books on social criticism, politics, church-state issues, and a myriad of current issues from abortion to racism to medical ethics. If you find your work a bit too controversial or divisive for some of the publishers on our list, Eerdmans may just be interested in picking up your work.

8. The Upper Room

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Upper Room Books is a publishing imprint of The Upper Room, a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. Upper Room Books resources encourage prayer and daily disciplines that lead to a deeper relationship with God. In addition to Upper Room Books, The Upper Room has two other publishing imprints: Fresh Air Books and Discipleship Resources. Fresh Air Books are for spiritually curious people who are interested in the relevance of faith in our culture. Discipleship Resources produces leadership and stewardship resources directed primarily to United Methodist churches.

Known for: Daily devotionals and prayer guides
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, submission guidelines here (no fiction or poetry)

Many of the Upper Room’s bestsellers are devotionals or guides to prayer. So if you have the manuscript for a devotional or prayer book you desire published, the Upper Room Books would be a great option.

9. Herald Press

Herald Press is a Christian publisher known for transformative books on reconciliation, community, discipleship, mission, spirituality, theology, and Amish and Mennonite life and faith. We reach a broad spectrum of readers—from evangelical, mainline, and Anabaptist backgrounds—and offer a “third-way” approach between the sometimes contentious camps of the culture wars.

Known for: An inclusive backlist acknowledging both their Anabaptist roots and mainline Christianity.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, guidelines here

Herald Press seeks to acquire books that emphasize these themes through a lens of faith. They actively seek authors both from within and outside the Mennonite and Anabaptist traditions. Although embracing social justice, activism, and inclusivity, Herald Press has created a genre for, would you believe, cookbooks.

10. Crossway

The purpose of Crossway has been, from its founding as a not-for-profit ministry in 1938, to publish gospel-centered, Bible-centered content that will honor our Savior and serve his Church. They seek to help people understand the massive implications of the gospel and the truth of God’s Word, for all of life, for all eternity, and for the glory of God.

Known for: Books proclaiming the gospel and applying God’s Word to every area of life.
Accepting unsolicited manuscripts? Yes, guidelines here.

In 1979, Crossway launched its book division to promote and publish the greatest news in the world through the medium of printed (and now digital) books. Since then, Crossway has become a leading publisher of evangelical Christian books focused on proclaiming the gospel and applying God’s Word to every area of life. Crossway has been privileged to publish more than 1,500 different titles, including books by Francis Schaeffer, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John Piper, John MacArthur, J.I. Packer, Mark Dever, Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson Tada, Kevin DeYoung, and D. A. Carson.

For you bloggers, who loved to do book reviews, they also have a Blog Review Program you will find quite interesting.

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Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…Blessings and Peace.

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*Information extracted from the above listed publishing companies.


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