My mind is filled
with cobwebs of the past.
How much longer
will this torment last…

Between my mind
and my soul
The guilt, the pain
just won’t let go…

They are tied to me
like a ball and chain.
Can’t seem to evolve
lost in a pit for the insane…

An unwelcomed place
so dark and deep
The horror of it all
as my thoughts begin to creep…

Through the shadows
of gray, ominous clouds
While tears dissipate
into an even darker shroud…

Where contemplations whisper
and the echoes of hope imprint
On my ravaged heart
there happiness and joy are rent…

Into total nothingness
all light is gone.
And the search for a true path
has been life’s song…

Whose lyrics seek returning
to that safe familiar place
As one last death grip
Holds onto a single trace…

Of where He was first found
amid the sin and despair
Perhaps now seeing clearer
in a twinkle of light—He is still there.

© c.f. leach, 2021.

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